Broadband Services

Enjoy access beyond limit with the best browsing deals in Zimbabwe. NetOne boasts of the most affordable data bundles in Zimbabwe with effective price ranging from as low as 2.5 cents per megabyte to 4.3 cents per megabyte.

NB: The out of bundle rate is also very affordable at 7 cents per megabyte.

Bundles airtime is recharged simply by keying in *133*Recharge number# and dialing or indirectly from any NetOne number by *133*Recharge number*Recipient number# and dial.

The data bundles are available at NetOne OneWorld shops, Zimpost outlets and selected kiosks and dealers countrywide.

For your browsing convenience, the NetOne data dongle is available at just $ 35 despite offering double the value as it comes with a free SIM card, a whopping 500 free megabytes plus 50 free SMSs.

NetOne Broadband services coverage is relatively wide and growing. Currently the whole of Matabeleland and Midlands, Harare and its surrounds of Chitungwiza and Norton as well as parts of Mashonaland, Manicaland and Masvingo provinces are already covered. Millions of our valued customers are already playing, learning and sharing with everyone globally using NetOne broadband services. And they do this at amazing rates and browsing speeds! Don’t be left out, join the fun NOW.

Bundle Price Effective Rate Access Period
70mb $3 4.3c/MB 30 days
125mb $5 4c/MB 30 days
285mb $10 3.5 c/MB 30 days
670mb $20 3 c/MB 45 days
1Gig $30 3 c/MB 60 days
2Gig $50 2.5 c/MB 120 days

Data Usage Disclaimer

Activities that can use data on Smartphones with or without user’s knowledge and may be chargeable

  • From time to time smartphones run automatic software updates and as a result consume data.
  • Some applications will be running in the background on the Smartphone even when the client is not actively using them thereby consuming data.
  • Location aware apps use GPS and may download data for the location. This use data without client’s knowledge.
  • Cloud Sync – every change to photos, contacts, mail and anything pushed to the cloud may consume data.
  • Online games – playing games that access data from the internet in real time use data too. Some games have online adverts that can consume an average of 10 – 30MB per hour.
  • WIFI tethering with internet sharing enabled thus allowing other devices to have web access via your phone (mobile hotspot).


How to Avoid unwanted data use

  • Disable background data as there are many applications that use data in the background even when you are not actively using them.
  • Delete rarely used applications so as to save on data.
  • For maps use offline as online maps consume a lot of data.
  • Reserve normal data for less data and use wifi for large files.
  • Monitor data usage by use of data monitoring applications that will help track your data usage. You can use 3G watchdog, my data monitor and data usage.



The Internet is a constantly growing worldwide network of computers and servers that contain a lot of information. NetOne Cellular (Private) Limited shall not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage of any nature suffered or incurred by its subscriber (the User) accessing various or utilising any service using its network for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to loss, injury or damage suffered or incurred as a result of errors or discrepancies in the information provided, the access to various sites that may cause damages to the subscribers equipment and gadgets, any failure or unavailability of NetOne’s or any of third parties’ systems resulting in the inability to access various sites or carry out any transactions. The User hereby indemnifies NetOne against NetOne against any demand, claim or action against NetOne relating to or in connection with the User’s uses or accessing any site whether directly or indirectly for any reason whatsoever.
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