Emergency Assistance (ONE SOS)

This is the NetOne customer’s exclusive link to a variety of assistance services broadly covering Medical, Roadside, Home & Telephone Directory.

One SOS Promise

With One SOS, assistance is at arms length, so there is absolutely no reason to fret now, is
there? One SOS is indeed a world of assistance.

What is the proof?

Just by dialing 114 from your NetOne cell phone, you can be connected to assistance on
the following:-


Fixtures, fittings and services.
Emergency services notification and call out.
Telephone directory number look up.


When you have a flat tyre, a flat battery, keys locked in a car or when you run out of fuel.
Tow in to the nearest approved dealer or competent repairer.
Courtesy transportation of vehicle occupants to respective destinations within
50km of breakdown location.
Onward transportation if you prefer to continue with your journey immediately.
Transmission of urgent messages to family and business colleagues.
Hotel accommodation-where overnight delay results from a breakdown
outside a 100km radius from your normal residence.
Vehicle recovery-where you leave your car outside a100km radius from your
normal residence for repair.


Emergency medical assistance.
Emergency medical transportation.
Inter-Hospital transfer.
Medical repatriation.
Dispatch of Doctor and / or medicine.
In-Hospital medical monitoring.
Escorted return of minors.
Refundable Hospital Admission Deposit/ Guarantee.
Compassionate visits.
Repatriation of Mortal Remains.

What is in it for the customer?

Convenience and peace of mind.

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