Getting Started

I have just bought a new line, how do I get started?

Your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is the plastic card inside the starter pack. To get started insert the SIM card into your device, if unsure how, consult your device manual for guided instructions. Once the SIM card is inserted, switch on your phone> Enter your PIN number (PIN is provided with the SIM package)> Press # or OK to accept.
Remember: If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times, you will be requested to enter the PIN Unblocking Code (PUK) code to unlock the SIM card. The PUK number is written on the SIM certificate.

Topping up your Account

How do I top up my account?

For starters: To be able to make calls or send SMSes you must first top up your account.Airtime vouchers can be purchased from NetOne World Shops, Zimpost, TelOne or designated airtime dealers. To recharge: scratch off the panel to reveal the secret voucher PIN> Enter *133*Voucher PIN#dial> then wait for balance notification message to follow shortly. Alternatively: SMS voucher PIN to 133. You will shortly receive confirmation of the credit available on your Easycall account.

Indirect Recharge

Can Someone else recharge my account

Yes it is possible. To do a indirect recharge: Go to New Message screen> enter recharge PIN> #> Recipients number> then send message to 133. Example: 1234612333333333#0712777777 and send to 133.

Credit Transfer

How do I transfer credit to another prepaid subscriber?

First ensure that your prepaid account is sufficiently funded. To transfer credit: Go to New Message screen> enter amount> #> Recipients number> then send message to 144. Example: 1#0712777777 and send to 144.
Short Message Service (SMS)

How do I send a text message or SMS?

You can send a text message (SMS) of up to 160 characters, to either a national or international
mobile number. To send an SMS: Select a Message from your phone menu> New message >
Enter recipients mobile number> Type in your message> once you are done press the Send
If your phone does not respond to these instructions, please refer to your device user manual.

What is the Message Centre Number?


How do I activate my voice mailbox?

Go to Call Diverts under phone settings in your device menu. Select the condition(s) under which you want your calls diverted to voice mailbox, for example: If busy; If not answered; or If out of reach. Select: Divert To voice mailbox option. If mailbox is not auto-configured, set the
mailbox number to: +26371151XXXXXX, where XXXXXXX are the last 7 digits of your mobile
number. If you are on Easycall, the voice mailbox comes preset on the SIM card.

How do I retrieve my voicemail messages

Dial 155> Enter voice mailbox PIN (the default PIN is 1234)> then listen to your messages.

How do I personalize my mailbox, for instance, setup a personalized greeting?

Dial 155> Enter voicemail PIN> then follow the voice prompts or guided instructions.
Call Forwarding

How do I forward calls to another number?

To configure the service: Go to Call Diverts under phone settings in your device menu. Select the condition under which you want your calls diverted to voice mailbox, for example: If busy; If not answered; or If out of reach. Select: Divert To other number option. Remember: The normal rates apply to calls forwarded to another number. Call Toll-free for more details or visit our website: for the tariff schedule.

What is OneMoney?

OneMoney is a convenient and secure mobile money transfer service which allows you to send/receive money, purchase airtime and pay bills using your mobile phone.

How do I register for the OneMoney service?

Dial *111# and follow the message prompts. Afterwards visit your nearest NetOne Shop or dealer and complete the OneMoney registration form. Submit the signed form together with the copy of your ID to the NetOne representative to complete your registration. You will receive a notification to confirm once you have completed registration.

Call Me Back

How do I send a call me back?

Go to New Message> Enter the mobile number> Send to 7070 or Press *140*Recipient#dial, for example: *140*0712777777#dial

Can I send a please call to other networks?

Yes,  You dial *140*recepient#

What is the maximum Call-Me-Backs can I send per day?

Maximum of five
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