This service is the pioneering service within NetOne product offering aptly named due to the nature of the service where one pays monthly subscription fees to maintain the line whilst the bills are sent monthly. The target market for the post paid service is largely corporate, government and individuals with stable sources of sizeable income which is credit rated.

One Business

This package is for serious people who want to communicate uninterrupted. Suitable for corporate and individuals with heavy phone usage.


One Flexplan

It’s a package that is flexible, offering the lowest monthly rental charge. It’s ideal for your professionals, students, housewives and informal traders. To sign up, obtain an application form from your nearest OneWorld, Firstel or Franchisee shop or through a NetOne Key Account Managers. The contract nature of the service require that a binding document between NetOne and the service applicant.

Get vetted after submitting following documents together with a application (ID, Proof of Residence, Pay slip with at least $1000 as net salary and a 3 month current Bank Statement. If applicant is not formally employed a 3 month bank statement showing revolving balance of at least $5000 at any point in time also be considered. For corporate vetting requires submission of ( CR1, CR14, Current Bank Statement covering at least 6 months with a revolving $1000 plus in transactions, Director’s ID and Proof of Residence)


Distinguish yourself from others
All executives are on a contract package
Ability to enjoy unlimited roaming services
What’s more, only pay for what you have used
Provides the lowest rentals and rates to afford you multiple calls for less
Dedicated Account Managers for corporate
Bill delivery service through both physical and electronic mail

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